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facebook integration

Gravity is without doubt the best S60 Twitter client. Could some facebook integration be added - that's something that my N95 seriously lacks and I think that Gravity could give a very useable facebook experience.

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    Andrew Holmes shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    started  ·  AdminJan Ole Suhr (Admin, Gravity) responded  · 

    The FB login problem should have been solved now.
    This also applies to the problem of not seeing newly added Facebook users.
    Alpha Build 6050 and above.


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      • Fabiano commented  · 

        porque no facebook só é recuperado os últimos 50 feeds

      • Garis Sosa Olascoaga commented  · 

        Ive got a question. Is it possible to post something to a friends wall? I cant find the way.

      • Gravitas commented  · 

        application deleted! and there are my facebook accounts gone from my Gravity install without me doing a thing! I now can't add Facebook accounts neither.

        not happ.
        version 1.50 build 6715

      • Anand M commented  · 

        Gravity for nokia e63 n e71 is excellent. in terms of the s60v3 Os.
        I have no problem with twitter which is comfortable to use.

        But facebook needs some tweaking and gravity can be the best application ever!
        these r the requests

        1. Able to view my or friends fb photos in full screen n even zoom.

        2.Notifications need to be linked.. so can easily access the notification and comment on it instantly

        3.Able to link youtube application with gravity app
        (example when opening a youtube link in gravity.. opens the youtube app in the phone to play it)

        4.abilty to edit the images for upload(crop and adjust colour)

        5.able to view my profile in detail n change the profile pic.

        Thanks a lot for creating a gr8 application

      • HaPe commented  · 

        Would love to see more functions.

        Not all posts are shown, Would like to see the complete wall.

        It seems that only a limitied number of comments are shown, For example a post with 14 comments displays only the last 5. Is this intended?

        Also it would be nice to be able to see bigger versions of feed pictures (and clips?)

      • Keith Wong commented  · 

        great work Jan Ole with getting facebook into gravity! the existing facebook options on symbian are pretty poor and i think if u can get the facebook integration as good as twitter ur going to get a lot more customers. gravity is the best twitter client for symbian i would love to see it also be the best facebook client too! keep up the good work.

      • totti commented  · 

        Hallo Jan Ole,

        erst mal ein großes Lob an deine Arbeit....!!
        Was Facebook angeht, so stimme ich meinem Vorredner zu. Ich fände es auch super wenn noch mehr Facebook Features einzug in Gravity halten würden. Insbesondere die Facebook Gruppen und das Posten von Links!!

      • Ian Loney commented  · 

        Love the new addition to Gravity, Facebook picture upload button, would love to see all the Facebook features being integrated in Gravity, perhaps even allowing a slight change in the UI for left and right side swipes for Facebook (more screen real estate)

      • jofe commented  · 

        In NewsFeed as well as in StatusUpdates I can't see any of my friends. Only people I don't know. And I can't read my mails. Also, there are no Account Settings. Bug in facebook integration or status quo? Used here 1.24 (8086)

      • Ardani Hendarta commented  · 

        Add more Facebook features should be good idea. Friends list tab, message tab, wall to wall, image posting, sound option, etc.

      • raghuramkannan commented  · 

        How about showing to whom certain posts are directed like XXX to YYY,,,,

      • casao commented  · 

        Hi Janole,

        I'd like to offer a couple of suggestions for Facebook features, or at least clarification of Facebook features:

        First, I think the biggest thing missing from Facebook support at the moment is Links support. Links show up as normal posts in the feed without any supporting information - it might include the picture, but none of the details nor the ability to view it. This is confusing to follow, and I'd like to see the ability to fully view a link (like the excerpt included) and follow a link. Also, perhaps use a different background color, akin to replies or something, to differentiate a link?

        Secondly, I believe there needs to be a way to filter out posts from one user to another - if one of my Friends posts on another Friend's walls, it shows up in the newsfeed. On Gravity, there's no indication this is the case, so it becomes confusing to follow, and clutters up the interface - I'd like to at least see these marked out, if not a way to filter them out.

        Pictures are another case like this - they show up in the news feed, and I can few a small size, but I can't pull up a large version of it. I'd really like to see an option to open it, either in Gravity or in a browser window.

        It would also be great if all of these could be extended to work as different "pages", similar to Replies/DMs/My Tweets for Twitter.

        Absolutely love Gravity and its Facebook support, any improvements just make it even better.

      • Ardani Hendarta commented  · 

        I found a bug. NOT all of my friends status are shows. Several friend status are not appear. Especially new Facebook account. @janole would you fix that?

      • Ardani Hendarta commented  · 

        I've try integrated FB apps.. but some account won't login with Gravity application.. ''Login Failed" all the time..
        Janole whould you fix that?

      • cocinerox commented  · 

        Hidden friends' posts appear in the News Feed. Is this a Facebook API limit? Would be great to fix that.

      • tzivaeris commented  · 

        Gravity in twitter seems to have problems displaying some photos of the users.Instead it displays my photo ?????? Strange.... Please fix this :D

      • PyCooZ commented  · 

        I tested the FB feature, it works great !

        I would just prefered to see only the "black lines" (originals status) without the comments.
        And when you press once on the status, the "brown lines" appear.
        When you press a second time on the status, you can "comment", "like" etc.
        A button to send a message to the buddy would be great too !

        Anyway you did a really great job with this App Ole, I don't regret my 8€ !!! ^^


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